I've arrived

Advent [ad-vent]:

(noun) a coming into place, view, or being; the arrival

My theme for 2019 was Advent: my year of arriving or coming into being. Most of my life, I've been focused on the next thing I need to do or achieve. This year, I decided, I'm here. I'm where I need to be. There is nothing I need to prove or achieve.

Dropping my job title and career labels allowed me the freedom to explore and be who I am.

What I am is an artist.

I spent the year dancing ballet and contemporary almost daily and learning to oil paint. I also wrote and performed in a Mexican play and sang with a 14-person mariachi band.

My first ever oil painting

What I am is a teacher, mentor, and counselor.

My superpower for teaching emerged out of my Fulbright course. I set unreasonable expectations for my students and smother them with encouragement until they discover what they are truly capable of.

Since the course ended, I started a YouTube channel focused on helping college students and recent grads figure out their life path, creating content on applying to grad school, jobs, etc. I also became a mentor for the Clinton Global Initiative University Program. I created part of their online curriculum for over 600 student leaders across the globe.

What I am is a content creator.

I created two websites, managed two blogs, wrote 21 blog posts, produced 13 videos, and grew 3 newsletters. My content reached almost 14,000 people. I published this blog post on what I learned from my year of content creating, which blew up on Twitter.

What I am is a productivity nerd.

I led our Forte Labs consulting projects, facilitating, and coaching. I've leveraged my nonprofit and community development work into expanding our impact with mission-driven and community-serving organizations. I recently kicked off this blog series on productivity for nonprofits.

What I am is fluid.

What I am is continuously evolving and adapting. I struggled not identifying myself as a community development nonprofit person. All year, I couldn't answer the question, "What do you do?". I've been going through a grieving process letting go of the career I spent 10 years developing. I have growing pains and crying fits as I uncomfortably develop into this new phase of life.

I'm ready for what 2020 will bring.